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Jalen Sullivan

“Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.” Josh Shipp’s quote has one of the most powerful meanings, and thanks to the Tri-State Black Men in Medicine, I am able to continue my success story. My name is Jalen Sullivan and I am a third year, Biomedical Sciences student at the University of the Sciences. I am extremely thankful to be a part of this wonderful organization and I look forward to watching this organization prosper for the following years to come.

Sian Poteat-Romero

Sian Poteat-Romero is an first year student attending the University of the Sciences under the medical laboratory science major. He is an division 2 athlete competing in both track and field and XC. He enjoys socializing and working out in his free time. He aspires to participate in research and acquire his doctorates in medical lab science in order to secure financial stability for his family and further develop his passion for lab science.

Jehron Pura-Bryant

Jehron Pura-Bryant is a first year Masters Student at Drexel University’s College of Medicine. Pura-Bryant received his Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience from SUNY-Binghamton University in 2018. Fun fact: Jehron is a National Chess Master since he was 15 years old making him one of the youngest black chess masters in the US. When he’s not studying, Jehron can be found teaching chess to students, or rooting for his home-state New York Knicks in the NBA. Jehron plans to apply to medical school in the next cycle with intentions to matriculate after graduation.

Darious Brown

Darious Brown is a first year pre-medical student at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He is also a division II basketball player. In his free time he enjoys working out and investing into his sneaker hobby. Darious wants to follow his mother’s footsteps in the field of medicine and healthcare, thus he is an aspiring anesthesiologist

TJ Booth

TJ Booth is currently applying to medical school with hopes in starting in the fall of 2020. Booth has recently completed the post-bacc program through Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. Prior to completing the post back program, he attended Rowan University where he both competed in NCAA division III athletics and earned his bachelor’s degree. TJ now is a long-term substitute teaching biology and assistant coach at his former high school. TJ is interested in becoming an interventional cardiologist.

Rem Dinio

Remigio Dinio is a undergraduate in Temple’s School of Public Health and is also in Temples 3+3 Accelerated DPT program. In his spare time, Remigio likes to work out, play basketball and football, and explore Philadelphia. He plans to enter graduate school and become a Physical Therapist.

Kenneth Bonett

Kenneth Bonett is a Senior at the University of Maryland, College Park pursuing his undergraduate degree in Public Health Science. Bonett is currently in the application cycle for medical school admissions. The medical school he will be attending is still pending. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, making music, and spending time with friends.

Abay Tadesse

Abay is a 1st year master’s student in Drexel University’s College of Medicine graduate biomedical program. After completing his first, year he will be applying to medical school. Abay graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2019 with a degree in Neuroscience and minors in Chemistry and Africana Studies. He hopes to enter emergency medicine after medical school and use the skills he learns to eventually work between the United States and Ethiopia where he was born to improve the standards of medical training in home country. In his free time, Abay loves playing soccer and basketball, and he is also an avid Philly sports fan.

Erick Hughes-Hardy

Erick Hughes-Hardy is a Freshmen Undergrad at Temple University Majoring in Health Professions. Erick has a career aspiration in Physical Therapy, planning on attending PT school after receiving his bachelors degree. Erick enjoys lifting weights & aspiring others in his free time.

Benjamin Ogbonna

Benjamin Ogbonna is a third year bioengineering student with a minor in chemistry and a focus in pre-medicine at the University of Toledo. He’s currently the president of the National African Student Association (NAFSA) where he advocates for African students to get the needed resources and opportunities to succeed and excel. He aspires to not only be a world-class surgeon but also a fervent activist for his people. In his spare time, he enjoys hooping with his friends and spending time with his family.”

Joseph Enwereji 

Joseph Enwereji is a first-year Neuroscience student at the University of the Sciences. In his free time he loves working out, reading, and listening to music. His future aspirations include going to medical school and becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon and sub-specializing in Sports Medicine.


Tri-State Black Men in Medicine is a Non-Profit organization composed of the face and future of Black Medicine in the Tri-State area. Through mentorship, networking, community outreach and service we strive to promote, improve and foster the careers of an extremely underrepresented demographic in the medical field, the Black Male Doctor.

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